2 comments on “When should we play the “Proper” Game?

  1. I totally agree with the comments that you have made. The skill application that we mostly do here at our school are in modified environments based on key elements(scenarios) of matches. Players perform lots of repetitions with an emphasis on fun. Competition encompasses self improvement and small group work (primarily partnerships of two) of which the game involves. It is only towards the end of units where we do the more traditional structure, but often with specific rules to enhance strategy or tactic. eg. bowlers targeting two sets of stumps, the second set being placed on the off-side of the first set and batsmen having restricted zones to score through and only on the ‘off side’.

    I believe that the decline of backyard or park cricket is having an adverse effect on the volume of repetition and the development of game sense and strategy. Only the driven and highly motivated players are doing the hours needed to become ‘Autonomous’ in their skill application and often this is done with a parent or coach.

    • Great Comments Pete; Thanks. Your teams certainly play with game intelligence too. I love the way you manipulate the task constraints to match the skill level of your players. In terms of backyards, for me the parent-child games have replaced the backyard from what i can see…yet the ones who love it can still be found playing on the outfield after the game, or playing with the little ones after helping out with their milo sessions.

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