2 comments on “Learn to bat before learning to bash

  1. Loving these articles Ian, do you think that there are any other ways to accelerate the learning of how to pick length, to pick the simple differences between short and full without facing thousands of deliveries?

  2. Thanks for your nice feedback franco. I think that we can get young players into the ball park of when to go back and when to go forward fairly quickly by making sure we use “bowl-downs” as often as possible. I would start off with balls that are short enough to hit with a horizontal bat and get them so they recognise the release point for them, before then bowling really full so they can recognise when to step forward and hit with a vertical bat shot. I would then mix them up. The subtlety comes for deliveries landing in that area of uncertainty. When to go forward or back then might depend on the pitch characteristics (slow, low v fast and bouncy) and the pace of the bowler. I think this will take time, but we can speed up the process by having batters play on different surfaces and against different bowlers.

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